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GBA Color Emulation Shader
A few months ago, I made a shader for mGBA that alters the colors the same way that higan does for GBA games. I wasn't sure whether to make the shader available to others or when. Would making the shader available now be fine?
I don't have any problem with this Smile
Alright. I guess that I'll place the link to the shader here.
I should have added this when I made the last post: I recommend increasing the scale values in the preprocessing window to 1.028. mGBA normally scales the raw RGB values so that they each have a maximum value of 248 instead of 255.

Edit: This now applies only to versions 0.5.1 and earlier. If you're using one of the nightly versions of mGBA or the eventual 0.6.0 update, then the RGB values are already fully scaled, so this step will no longer be needed.
This is awesome, not enough people release shaders like these. Thank you for this! Smile
Hey thanks for this but I have an issue, if I maintain aspect ratio and make the window any size that isn't "aspect ratio correct", the screen starts getting chopped off at the right instead of being centered.

For example: [Image: gbacropping.jpg]

Any fix?
Hmm. That's an odd error. I'm not completely familiar with the shader syntax, unfortunately, so I can't determine what is causing the problem.
It could well be a bug in mGBA, not the shader. I'd have to investigate.
Thanks, any edits I tried myself to the shader just resulted in a black screen.

Edit: Also I guess it would be more correct to say the bug here is that the game starts getting pushed to the right and thus gets chopped off by the would be correct aspect ratio.

Edit 2: Oh if you make the window smaller instead it starts pushing the game up instead and it starts getting chopped off from the top.

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