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Can't get any cheats to work.
I'm playing FF5 Advance U.S. version using 0.4.0. is the codes list. I'm specifically trying the always must be on and earn 1000 ABP Alt code. It just doesn't seem to work. I make a new code set for each code and yet nothing happens when the system registers and accepts the codes.

Those codes are all encrypted. Encrypted CodeBreaker codes are not supported in a stable version yet (but are supported in the nightlies).

If you click the little down arrow, there are decrypted codes. I tried those and they also did not work.

Weird. I'll take a look at that when I get a chance.

I am using the music patch from Bregalad. Could that be effecting the RAM values enough to make the codes not work?

Almost certainly not. However, stepping through a debugger seems to show everything working normally, at least in master. However, I haven't changed that part of cheat parsing since 0.4.0, so I'd expect it to work the same in 0.4.0.

Have you tried using the decrypted version of the 1000 ABP code without the master code? The master code is for setting the encryption key, which isn't relevant in 0.4.0, and the hook address, which isn't needed in an emulator. However, mGBA does try to use the hook address if it's set, so that might be screwing it up.

That works, thank you.

I'd put a note in the readme about this.

Seems more like I have a bug to fix, or I should just remove the hook usage entirely.

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