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Changing the save/save state directory
(05-26-2018, 05:20 AM)endrift Wrote: Yeah, it needs to be in the [ports.wii] section specifically.

Try using Notepad++ or something like Sublime Text that recognizes unix-style line endings.
Woohoo! I got it working! Thanks for suggesting Notepad++, made seeing what I was doing wrong SO much easier! Now my game list isn't cluttered with a million save and state files, and I can seamlessly switch between mGBA and VBAGX since they now use the same saves folder.

By the way, are there any plans to implement separate stretch settings for Gameboy/Gameboy Color and GBA? Cause while my current settings GBA games are within 1% of their correct aspect ratio while filling as much as my screen as possible, Gameboy and Gameboy Color games are too fat.

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