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[Android] rxJava vs Agera
(05-17-2016, 10:24 PM)endrift Wrote: Alright, rxJava sounds pretty decent, although Agera sounds a bit immature to be used right now. I might want to hold off on converting things over to that, but since it's Google-made, that might be unwise.

I used Agera in a music player project of mine to manage playback state, playback queue contents, and loading songs and albums from the OS-wide content provider.

I also forgot to mention something that's unique to Android: the unholy method count limit. Android has a limit of 65536 methods. It's a flaw in the dex file design. Currently rxJava+rxAndroid add 4675 methods to the app, 4605 being rxJava and the rest rxAndroid. Agera, on the other hand, adds only 445 methods.

Method count for rxAndroid+rxJava
Method count for Agera (This includes a compile time dependency for those @NonNull annotations. The code already uses that library because it's included in the support libraries)

Now the method limit can be circumvented with MultiDex, but MultiDex slows down app startup.

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