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mGBA for Wii
Is there a way to activate speed? I've googled it a bunch and I saw the pc version has a turbo button holding TAB so I'm wondering if the one for the Wii also has one. If yes, how do I use it, if not, will you ever add it? Some games with grinding like Pokemon and Breath of Fire get really boring if you have no turbo/speed button. Also whether it has it or will eventually be added. It would be great if it were a toggle as opposed to holding of a button.

There isn't a way to do this at the time. It wouldn't be that much faster, but on the Wii it might still be fast enough to justify adding.

Ah I see. I just made sure I asked because the Snes emulator and VBA GX have some speed up by holding the C stick on my Gamecube controller to the right. You're right, it's not super fast, but it helps. And if it were a toggle it helps with tedious things like grinding.

Thanks for answering so fast.

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