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Introductions thread
Hiya, Cydrak here. I've been quietly noodling with GBA miscellanea of late and figured I should drop by. I miss the old GBAdev forums!

Older games remain a hobby of mine, to noone's surprise I'm sure. The occasional Spelunky or Binding of Isaac manages to pull me away, and I have a soft spot for Smash and Pokémon, despite having missed the boat when they first came out. Even so, I suspect I've spent more time in recent memory trying to emulate retro consoles than actually playing them. I've snuck a patch or three into bsnes, and higan's GBA core is—if not my code—largely my fault, following the discovery of Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi 2's ARM coprocessor... whoops, I guess?

People should totally encourage me to work on dasShiny, my long-neglected DS emulator. I burned out pretty badly on that one—you don't even wanna know. >_<

I'm also old enough (curses!) to be nostalgic of MUCKs and their ilk. I garden (for certain values of "garden"), cook (with occasionally dubious results), and procrastinate on artwork to an embarrassing degree. And I'm bloody envious of those who, by all appearances, have a natural knowledge of crafts such as sewing or electronics. Or the TAS and speedrunning crowds who are amazing... gosh, talk about the patience of saints.

TL;DR, mostly here to derp around and watch things develop. Though SNES and DS are my favorites, GBA has its share of decent games, and it's exciting to see them running on the Wii and 3DS ports! c:

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