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Introductions thread
Hello and welcome to the mGBA forums! Are you new here and feel like introducing yourself? Looking for a bit of guidance getting started? Here's the thread for you.

Let me start. I'm endrift, the author of mGBA, and have been working on it for two years. Before that, I worked on a JavaScript version of the emulator for several more months. I also wrote a game in a month during that time, called Scrum: A Game (Very) Vaguely About Programming. In my spare time, I mostly program or do design work. My twitter is @endrift. How about you?

Hi! My name's Megumi. Lots of people shorten it, so feel free to. I'm a girl who's had interest in emulation for almost half of my life now, and by now I have a pretty good idea of how it all works. I recently started on one of Stroustrup's programming books for beginners, and hope to tackle about one chapter every few days. Initially I took interest in mGBA because of its accuracy-based, instead of 'hack'-based, approach to emulation, but some of the less common features seem very interesting to me too.

In my spare time, I watch a lot of anime, play the MMO Final Fantasy XIV, and do whatever else I feel up to at the moment. I once ported CyanogenMod to a never-officially-supported variant of the Galaxy S2, for somebody I knew. Most of the work with that was just changing device trees and adding overlay values for the changes that the variant needed.

I also have a lot of interest in game speedrunning theory. Though I haven't attempted my own speedrun before, I have done a lot of neat sequence breaks / mechanic abuses in a variety of games, mostly across the SNES/N64/GameCube libraries. :) I used to be somewhat notorious in school for being "unfairly good" at games like Smash Bros, Custom Robo, etc.

My twitter is @megumisonoda! ^^

Well, my name's Tony. I'm an end user that likes to keep track of the bleeding edge of emulation. mGBA's already as good as any long-standing emulator and continues to develop at an alarming rate. I just want to be here to ask for features while it's still under active development. Luckily, endrift hasn't told me to go away yet.

Suspended Hatch is my real name, or that is what I'll have you believe. I'm a huge and growing fan of classic games from the eighties to early two-thousands. I like modern games as well but just can't devote enough time to be competitive at FPS online games, and I've got too much pride to be teabagged by the children of single mothers that I've probably dated. I prefer the old games because you can just pick up and put down without a lot of devotion, though I have definitely put some time into Skyrim and Gran Turismo during the winter months.

Not sure what my favorite GBA game is but I've probably spent the most time on FF Tactics Advance (wishing the character building was more like its PS1 predecessor). When GBA came out, it was at the time my son was old enough to play games on his own. My family got him every Pokemon game and I was never able to wrestle the system away from him. So I am definitely looking forward to discovering new favorites. The first game I've tried on mGBA is Metroid Fusion.


Hey all. My name's Ric, and I'm just a dumb end-user trying to learn more about mGBA. While I've been into emulation for quite some time now, it's only recently that I've gotten interested in accurate emulation - that is, emulators like higan, PuNES, and of course, mGBA.
While I'm quite impressed by how well the Windows version performs, right now the 3DS version is the one I'm keeping my eyes on. I can't bring much to the table because I'm not really a tech-savvy person, but I love watching the emulator progress little by little.

Hiya, Cydrak here. I've been quietly noodling with GBA miscellanea of late and figured I should drop by. I miss the old GBAdev forums!

Older games remain a hobby of mine, to noone's surprise I'm sure. The occasional Spelunky or Binding of Isaac manages to pull me away, and I have a soft spot for Smash and Pokémon, despite having missed the boat when they first came out. Even so, I suspect I've spent more time in recent memory trying to emulate retro consoles than actually playing them. I've snuck a patch or three into bsnes, and higan's GBA core is—if not my code—largely my fault, following the discovery of Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi 2's ARM coprocessor... whoops, I guess?

People should totally encourage me to work on dasShiny, my long-neglected DS emulator. I burned out pretty badly on that one—you don't even wanna know. >_<

I'm also old enough (curses!) to be nostalgic of MUCKs and their ilk. I garden (for certain values of "garden"), cook (with occasionally dubious results), and procrastinate on artwork to an embarrassing degree. And I'm bloody envious of those who, by all appearances, have a natural knowledge of crafts such as sewing or electronics. Or the TAS and speedrunning crowds who are amazing... gosh, talk about the patience of saints.

TL;DR, mostly here to derp around and watch things develop. Though SNES and DS are my favorites, GBA has its share of decent games, and it's exciting to see them running on the Wii and 3DS ports! c:

Hi, guys!

Just call me by my username, Renoa. I'm somewhat a gamer and an Anime junkie, my favorite type of genre is JRPGs and action games mostly, although I play a bit of MOBAs and MMOs. I've been pretty much interested in emulation way back when VisualBoyAdvance was in its height of popularity. I'm also a college student (as of this writing) who is trying hard to improve my computer programming skills, and hopefully one day craft an RPG game that I can be proud of. So yeah, hopefully we can all get along!

Yo, watsup!

I'm Lazura. I am interested in pokemon. I am also into emulators since 2011. Ever since I wanted to find a [working] GBA emulator for the 3DS / R4i 3DS.

First I came across ichfly's DS emulator. It kinda worked. The audio (and graphics to a certain extent) was an absolute mess, though. Then I came across citragb. It worked fine, but was really slow on the O3DS. And now I come across this. It really seems better than citragb, but lacks the speed of gba4ds. Hopefully the performance will be better in the future.

That's all I've got to say for myself. See you later!

Hello, my name is Boured and I will say the same thing that my signature says in saying that GBA is my life. I plan to own at least one of every GBA game. Not to mention i plan to get the rare Starlight GBA. But other than that I'm a meme lord, so nice to meet you.

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