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Tilt setup...Silly help please..
I really should know better but I'm messing up setting up the tilt part, I'm using the latest version with my trusty XBOX360 wired pad on the PC, so far go good, on I put Yoshi Topsy Turvy and I can't get the tilt to do anything initially, I go to the sensors screen and try and setup the right Analogue stick but I'm doing something wrong as the character tilts at odd angles and the tilt calibration screen does move yoshi at all.

Could someone put this old got out of his misery and tell me exactly what I need to do for Tilt and Gyroscope to work please. ie am I supposed to press the setup but in sensors and then move the right stick a certain way, if yes, what way Smile

Very annoyed with myself as I've beta tested many emulators for a great many many years..


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