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Solus OS Issue
ive been running a newer linux os which runs and looks fantastic only issue is many emulators are still missing on it and need to be compiled or packaged. and MGBA is great but when i loaded a rom it was just audio the screen was black. not sure if its a problem with the emulator on Summon Night: Swordcraft Story as its not playable since i cant see a thing but it sounds fine and runs 100%

Probably an issue with OpenGL. What version does your graphics card/drivers support?

the GPU HD 5770 genuine dell supports open GL 3.2 and is using open source drivers as the OS hasnt got them complete yet. so far every game beside mGBA runs flawlessly and the cpu is a I7 860 2.8 Ghz.

This isn't a real solution, but try switching the graphics driver in settings to Software and seeing if it renders. It will be SLOW if you make the window too big in that mode, though!

it worked. and plays perfectly thank you endrift. yet i had issues mapping my gamepad so i used antimicro to emulate my keyboard for my gamepad and its working flawlessly.

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