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Bugfixes and Regressions
This thread will be used to keep track of game bugs, how to reproduce them, which revision they were fixed in, and which revision broke them again (if applicable), with reproduction steps and savestates/savegames if needed.

  • Dragon Ball Z franchise
    • Requires EEPROM saves.
  • Shining Soul II
    • Requires a slightly odd ArcTan2 calculation for HLE BIOS, or else the game can soft lock. Fixed in 415298e.
  • DK: King of Swing
    • Requires WAITCNT bit 15 to be read-only 0
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
    • Requires out-of-bounds memory accesses to behave as on console.

  • Street Fighter II
    • Writing to LYC when LY=LYC and mode=2 triggers LCD IRQ
  • HuC-3 (Robopon)
    • Requires SRAM to return 0x01 when inaccessible instead of 0xFF.
  • Prehistorik Man
    • Audio buzzing requires basic "zombie" mode audio working (i.e. volume envelopes getting adjusted on write) to fix. Cf. GBDev wiki. Also affects other Titus games, such as Lamborghini American Challenge.

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