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Fav Launch Title
What is your favorite launch title for any classic system at the time or that is now a favorite of yours?

I'd have to say Super Mario Advance for the GBA, Dynasty Warriors 2 for the PS2(when I was into those types of games), and most of the NES launch titles. Smile

thats pretty difficult as i believe launch titles are meant to last long. there mor to bring people into the console then they produce better games. my Fav for Xbox is Halo : CE as thats what got me into shooters as my older brother bought a xbox just for that game and ive played from the first to halo reach and enjoyed them heavily. Zelda TP as it looked gorgeus on both gamecube and wii i own both versions i prefer the gc version for its controls. Zelda OOT for n64 and mario 64 was close second. DS had the decently made metroid prime hunters just needed a camera stick and Z targeting to make the game perfect.

F-Zero for the SNES and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for the GBA are two that come to mind.

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