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How do i use cheats on 3DS?
If possible. How do i use cheats on 3DS?

It is not possible at this time. I hope to add it eventually though.

Great. I'm looking forward to it. Also do you think it's possible to import cht or clt cheat files? For now they appear as one untitled code.

I'd need to know the format of those files, which doesn't appear to be standardized. I'd be interested in adding it though if it is!

Here are a couple of links. You can open these files with a text editor but the clt files from VBA are a mess and there are no visible codes in a text editor. The gbatemp code database in cht format has a clear format to view. (if you click on this link there is a download codes button in the top right corner with different formats. Maybe you can add them all?)

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