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Doubts about mGBA
Good morning, everyone , and sorry for the English because I am using the translator !
I have some doubts and would appreciate if they were remedied.

1 - I wonder if is to disable bilinear filter mBGA ?

2 - The emulator will support 240p ?

Thank you all.
1. Not at the moment, but hopefully soon. See Issue 136.
2. I don't have a TV that supports 240p so I have no way to test it without a different TV Sad
(10-21-2015, 05:19 PM)endrift Wrote: 1. Não no momento, mas espero que em breve. Veja Issue 136136.
2. Eu não tenho uma TV que suporta 240p, então eu não tenho nenhuma maneira de testá-lo sem uma TV diferenteSad

Thanks for answering my questions and congratulations for the great job with emulator. I'll be waiting for news

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