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Save states keep crashing the emulator
I'm attempting to play Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones on v0.5.0 of mGBA, however the save states are giving me some trouble.
When I create a save state (using the key shortcuts shift+function key) it works, for the first time. Attempts to overwrite the save state shortly after creating the first save state in the same slot crashes the emulator. Sometimes making save states in several different slots helps, but inevitably if I attempt to reload one of them the emulator crashes. When I boot it back up I can reload a save state, then overwrite my previous save states, but only once as if the whole thing has reset itself and if I attempt a second overwrite the emulator crashes.
I'm running Windows 10, please let me know if I need to give any more information or to clarify anything regarding my issue.


Don't use 0.5.0. It's been out of date for months. That bug was fixed in 0.5.1, and even that has been out of date for months.

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