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Distorted xbr-lvl3 shader after updating drivers?
Hi! So, I recently updated my nvidia drivers, and it could easily be something else that changed that I forgot, but now the xbr-lvl3 shader is broken, and instead of cleanly smoothing the game image, it just looks off color and distorted. Literally, one day it worked, and the next day it looked like this:

[Image: f44ug4.jpg]

The older xbr shader that was included with previous mGBA versions is affected too. However, the xbr-lvl2 shader is NOT affected, nor are any of the other ones. It's frustrating! I've tried changing the nvidia settings for mGBA, I've tried using different versions of mGBA. Any advice is very welcome, thank you.
Side observation: when I set the red "scale" value to 0 in the Shader Options menu for the shader xbr-lv3, the image is no longer distorted (but is, of course, very blue).
It appears to be a driver bug, at least from what I've seen. It happens on lots of random GPUs, but not all of them.
Hm. I'm reinstalling my drivers right now. Any other advice to try, or am I really at the mercy of nvidia on this?

Thank you for your help.
For what it's worth, it breaks on my computer often too. So I'm not really sure there's a good solution. I might try poking Hyllian.

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