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Set mGBA to default settings
Hi everyone, I would like to set back the emulator to its original settings, the reason is I been playing around with all the configurations ( even keyboard combinations )to see wich one worked better for me, now that I know I would like to set mGBA to its default settings and then change only the settings that I know work better for my pc, I tried deleting the containing folder, and downloading again but the previous set up remains so there must be a config file somewhere in my PC that I cant find. I have windows 8.1, any help?

Been able to find a solution, I will mention it in case anyone else needs it, the config file for mGBA its created in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming/mGBA folder, there its save personal configuration made to the emulator, in case you would like to reset to default everything just delete it, you may need to enable file option to see hidden files in windows to access AppData file

Try click the Portable option in the emulator.
With that the emulator doesn't save in AppData\Roaming\mGBA

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