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How do I get cheats to work with pokemon emerald?
There're other threads like this, but I'm 100% lost.

I'm trying to get a feebas cheat (where every pokemon that spawns is a feebas)

I've tried the method in one of the other threads, where I added it as a pro action replay, and I'm certain I'm using the right codes... so why won't a feebas ever spawn? Is it something wrong with mGBA or am I just really stupid?

EDIT: Site where I'm getting the codes from;
bump bump bump
Er, this was still the top thread. Bumping it does nothing.

That being said, neoseeker and supercheats are generally full of shit and half their codes don't actually work. Try adding as GameShark instead of Pro Action Replay, and see if it works.
I'm having this same problem. I did the GameShark and Action Play as well and nothing

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