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2395 -> 2398 broke something
Something between the last two nightlies broke graphics when Aero (dwm.exe) is disabled in Windows 8.1 (this removes a frame of display lag). I imagine a similar symptom is seen in Windows 7. I guess it was the removal of double buffering?

I'll check it out in Win7 tonight. I changed display stuff a fair bit.

Hi endrift, I was wondering if there was an update on this. Is this just a Windows 8 issue? Disabling Aero on W8 is a bit "hacky" after all.

Yeah, disabling dwm is completely unsupported on Win8 and I've heard that this isn't an issue on Win7. I noticed that video sync is broken on Win7 though so I might take a bit more of a look at that--it could be related to your issue.

Ok. I mean, it pretty much works just the same as in Windows 7, but I suppose this is one of the instances in which it doesn't. I hope the video sync thing is the cause.


Edit: Saw you reenabled double buffering, and it solved my issue. Thanks again Smile

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