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Questions regarding Wii port
I'm curious about this, GBA emulation on Wii has always been a slow mess. I compiled the libretro version on Wii and with the audio disabled it ran incredibly well, way better than VBA Next, however enabling audio made even the simple stuff unusually slow, am I correct in assuming this would cross over into the Wii port or is that just the libretro port still being unfinished?

I tried searching for some info but turned up nothing. Wii is the only platform I have that runs mGBA so far, so I don't know what the actual performance difference between audio vs. no audio is.
I have not yet implemented audio on the Wii version of mGBA. I was surprised to hear that audio made mGBA very slow on the Wii, though, since audio is usually always being generated, just never output. I should be continuing work on the Wii version in the next few weeks, so we'll see.

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