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Load .sav file from vba
I started playing minish cap on visual boy advance. A few things bugged me about it, like no support for diagonal on Xbox controller and no aspect lock on full screen. 

I found mGBA which handles both of these perfectly. However, I can't get mGBA to load the .sav file from VBA. The logs do say "Detected EEPROM savegame". I opened a fresh mGBA save file next to the VBA save file in a hex editor and both start with the same 2 bytes of data. 

Is there a way to convert the save over to mGBA?
It should work as-is, but Minish Cap in specific seems to be an exception. It's likely either a bug in mGBA or in VBA, but I haven't looked into it yet. Which version of VBA are you using? I know that 1.7.2 has some major bugs with Minish Cap.

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