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mGBA compared to MESS
Thanks for the answer, endrift. I see your point, because of the careful effort you put into mGBA it does seem to be the better GBA emulator right now.

But I didn't mean to start a conflict or bashing thread. I still think MAME (which since my last post has merged with MESS) is a good project to exist. Of course things don't always go well and personal conflicts can get in the way, but let's not forget we are all pasionate about emulation. I'm sure the MAME developers are giving it their best too, they are just spreading their resources more thinly over the many systems they support. I do agree R. Belmont seems somewhat rude in those conversations, but he probably gets a lot of people telling him they know better than the MAME developers, so I can imagine his sceptical attitude.

Anyway, I'm just glad projects like mGBA and MAME exist, and I think emulation is a field where open source software really shines.

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