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Boktai 1 & 2 save bug
Hey guys, anyone can help me? I tried to play Boktai 1 & 2 but, after I configure the solar sensor setting, the game dont save on date 'n time settings, and if i try to create a new game he says "data not created" but in the android emulator (MyBoy) the game can save and load without problem. You guys know the problem?

Version of mGba: latest (dec 31)
ROM version: (U) downloaded from [snip]
Hm, haven't seen this before. Are you playing on the Wii?
,Windows 8.1, but I found the problem, th emulator auto configure the save of the ROM to EEPROM, but the game have a flash save. The only problem now is: I can't change the save mode on the game overrides configs, how I do this?

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