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[3DS] Way to have a GBC icon/banner for .CIA?
(05-05-2021, 09:06 PM)endrift Wrote: Yeah that means that the directory you ran the command from is not where you checked the source out. You need to check the source out first and `cd` into that directory before running the command.

I managed to get it to work via the devkitpro method, but I discovered an unfortuate issue:

Without making any modifications at all, my compiled vanilla .CIA of v0.9.0 (I avoided using v0.9.1 due to it performing worse) has slower performance than the official provided .CIA of v0.9.0. My compiled version runs at around 56-57fps or so on the Pokemon Pinball (GBC version) title screen while the official provided .CIA runs the title screen at full speed.

As of now I'm attempting to to see if I can somehow patch or hex-edit the official provided v0.9.0 .CIA to insert the modified banner and icon by cross-referencing the difference between the modded version with my vanilla compiled version and then applying whatever changed data to the official provided .CIA file.

EDIT: ...though it's looking like, if you do any sort of hex-editing to an existing CIA file, it becomes impossible to actually install it as FBI then always says "Cert signature or hash check failed (106)" even for CIA files that have only ungone very basic hex editing, and trying to install it via GodMode9 doesn't work either (it just says "Install failed"). Interestingly one can still install then into Citra, but Citra doesn't seem to be able to run stock vanilla mGBA anyway.

This is all extremely unfortunate and I seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place of either having an ideal icon/banner with less-than-ideal performance or a less-than-ideal icon/banner with ideal performance.

EDIT 2: It sounds like it's technically to edit the source code of FBI to disable signature checks and then compile that... but I'm not sure how motivated I am to actually try doing that considering my general inability to code.

This is all turning into a whole lot of hoop-jumping...

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