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Feature request: save as Animated PNG?
I tried out the built-in recording/exporting function for the first time today and realized that a "save as Animated PNG" function could be a good intermediate between a full-fat lossless video recording and a 256 color-limited GIF. Now normally Animated PNGs with their full 24bit color palettes can get pretty large, but the GBA's 240x160 resolution is small enough and the graphics typically pixelated enough that animated PNGs of GBA games tend to actually compress pretty well, especially if they're optimized accordingly with regards to inter-frame compression (which I only mention because unfortunately there's quite a bit of APNG-creation software that creates completely unoptimized animations whereby each frame is fully stored as full-resolution PNGs, even if only one quadrant of the image actually updates) I don't know how useful the following would be for mGBA, but APNG Optimizer seems to be the go-to example of efficient inter-frame optimization and it does have a source available:

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Feature request: save as Animated PNG? - by Rin Tohsaka - 02-08-2020, 09:36 PM

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