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Trying to integrate Wanderbar with mGBA, but need some advice
Well, it's hard to explain and I unfortunately can't debug the problem, but basically, my Wanderbar uses something called Awesomium ( ) for all the browser stuff and LuaBridge for the Lua scripting. I've got it loading properly with mGBA now, and it works/runs fine... when there isn't a game core loaded. Here's a pic from last week showing the Wanderbar loaded alongside a game:

[Image: GBATEST.jpg]

The pic above shows that the browser with its startup page loaded, but once a core IS loaded, the instant I ask the browser to update or ask my Lua stuff to run, I get the follow sort of error:

[Image: Capture.jpg]

If I ask the browser or Lua engine to execute *outside* of the game core, it seems to work just fine, however, which is why I was trying to get it to happen in GBAApp... but I'm basically praying that that would even solve the problem.

My best guess is that the threaded nature of mGBA's cores conflicts with these things somehow, but I don't know enough to figure it out.

I've never done Discord stuff before, but if you think it'd help here, I can try to figure it out.

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