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ZL and ZR Button Mapping Not Working? (3DS Build/Port)
Hey endrift,
I just wanted to report back my testing of the latest build for the Nintendo 3DS. I am running the latest version/build of mGBA ported for the 3DS on my new Nintendo 2DS XL and noticed that when I mapped Interface keys to the ZL or ZR buttons, that they simply don't work. Which was unfortunate because I mapped the Cancel command to ZR and of course upon doing so, could not open the menu to reconfigue/assign the control to a different button. Thankfully I was able to edit the config.ini file and change the value from "15" to a different button, but so far no luck assigning any Interface command to either the ZL or ZR buttons on the new 3DS/2DS consoles. Also, I noticed there isn't a way to pull up the menu without first loading up a game? Maybe I'm missing a special button combo to do so, or can help contribute code to enable that feature if it doesn't currently exist.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this!

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ZL and ZR Button Mapping Not Working? (3DS Build/Port) - by Hucz - 02-02-2018, 06:54 PM

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