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mGBA WON'T SAVE?! What am I doing wrong??
mGBA WON'T SAVE?! What am I doing wrong??by DeadlyRevengexX at 7:27 AM (37 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies
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    Ok so, I just installed mGBA onto the 1GB SD card inside the apps folder in my 4.3u Wii, but NO instructions where given to me on how to make a roms and save folder.. Here's the even BIGGER problem: I want to save my GBA games and their save files onto my external Fat32 HDD instead of my 1GB SD. So here's what I did.. well guessed.. I created a mGBA folder inside of my external HDD and inside of it I made 2 folders, 1 entitled roms and the other saves. You know, since so many other emulators follow that pattern, I figured why not? Well.. I was very wrong. mGBA starts up fine, and all I have to do is find my roms folder after I click on USB, and it plays... very smoothly actually, and when I save.. it says it saved.. OK? Well, when I exit the game, restart my Wii, go back to USB, find the rom folder, and directly under the game I just saved it shows a save file! OH! Great! It HAD to of saved!! So I happily enter back into the game... andddd no saves. Every slot in game says new game, no loads.. nothing... I also really am not a fan of save states AT ALL. I like to play a game and save it as it was intended to get the most realistic experience possible.. but even if I try to save the state.. IT FREEZES!! and I have to restart the Wii by holding onto the power! On a positive note, I REALLY like how great mGBA plays, sounds, and looks on my Wii, and I would love to solve this problem soon.. can anyone help? Maybe I'm using an outdated version? I got it from the mGBA site.. so.. idk? Also I tried saving on 2 separate games, Metroid Fusion and Dragonball Z: Legacy of Goku 2, and the same things happened. I also know that it's not my harddrive as I run Nintendont games great, and all save.Thanks in advance! (Pun intended)

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mGBA WON'T SAVE?! What am I doing wrong?? - by DeadlyRevengexX - 05-22-2017, 10:32 PM

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