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mGBA 3DS homescreen forwarders? (I guess?)
Quote:but i keep on trying to find other solution, and it comes to my mind that there are several GBA emulator on 3ds (mGBA & retroarch).
i tested both on 3ds and for me, mGBA have more features at the same time have a cleaner look...
unlike the retroarch, the bottom screen have lots of logs...
thats why i keep on looking the developer of the mGBA and thankfuly i found a dedicated forum about mGBA.
i keep on reading and instead making a new thread, i found this thread with the same topic i want to address...

but still the question remains in my mind if it is possible to modify mGBA.cia
change its title ID and redirect a certain GBA file that is located on the 3ds sd card
what i mean is this: currently the mGBA has a title ID of 1a1e
then modify the mGBA multiple times, change the title ID:
mGBA with title ID 9999 - directly detects a gba file on 3ds sd card: eg pokemonruby.gba
mGBA with title ID 9998 - directly detects a gba file on 3ds sd card: eg pokemonsapphire.gba
mGBA with title ID 9997 - directly detects a gba file on 3ds sd card: eg pokemonmyterydungeonred.gba


Theoretically, in case the CIA of the emulator supports arguments, will I be able to create a forwarder that passes the rom name? Any updates about mGBA 0.8.0?

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RE: mGBA 3DS homescreen forwarders? (I guess?) - by ScottElliff - 07-19-2019, 09:56 AM

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