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Feature Request Thread?
Really appreciate your answer Smile

If that could help, table files are usually like this one. The encoding of the file itself (UTF-8/Unicode) should be irrelevant, as long as it's a regular text file consisting solely of lines like "X=Y" separated by line breaks (X being either 1 byte, or even 2 bytes.. and Y being a latin/JP/space/etc character or sequence of characters).

As for the palette file file format, the same exact one as VBA should be the way to go. "pal" files VBA outputs can be then used with the Crystaltile2 GBA tile editor to modify games like a charm. 
LZ77Restructor2, a viewer (that's not very comprehensive though) for handling the LZ77 compressed graphics does request ACT palette format... so you might want to include that one too?

And, well, most cheat files are emulator specific anyways. Maybe the format used in VBA could work, but if it's limited or obsolete one might want to go with a new one.

The figurine games are, if that helps, Legendz: Isle Of Trials, Legendz: Sign Of Necromu, Plaston Gate (Fix), Plaston Gate DX (Fix).

All Japan-only. Two of them have been "fixed" by release groups so that the ASM instructions for scanning the figurines always return a success and the value for the first figurine. No such luck for Megaman Battle Network external peripherals.
Dolphin has a bunch of bundled cheat/patch codes for fixing some games so that they run at all (Mario Kart GP, namely). Maybe something similar could do the trick here for figurines and enabling on-cartridge e-Reader stuff - but it would be more a case per case thing rather than genuine emulation. Still, that could help a lot to get these games to run at all.
If you ever go with this idea, I can help with such a cheat file (namely for e-Reader content in a bunch of GBA games, including US/PAL releases, collected from around the internet).

Speaking of e-Reader, I'm pleasantly surprised with it being featured in the todo list. (I can't wait for Joylink GBA/GC, and Joylink e-Reader/GC connection too!)
And I'd like to request something regarding that part too.

All current emulators who emulate GBA e-Reader require for connecting a game such as SMA4/Pokémon Gen3 JP some save from real hardware for the e-Reader rom, where the connection has been already established (you can tell by the e-Reader having the third option and "SMA4 Data Saved", rather than just two options) so that reading e-Cards for these games will work at all.
People who didn't get the save, will just have the "Transmission>To GBA" menu failing the transmission from the other side, and trying to open the e-Card without doing that would just give that error message "can't be used without a copy of SMA4".

Problem is, e-Reader hardware is rare enough one can't be expected to get both regions for it for JP and US games (it's region-locked), and the only saves available online are for SMA4/Pokémon Gen3, while the games that used it -and require such saves in the current state of events- are much more than those two.
Any chance for 100% emulation of this feature if you ever get around to doing it? Would be really lovely Smile

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