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mGBA Save states on WII U
Hello, Im a noob to this (emulators on consoles via home-brew) so I might be missing something obvious.  I am loving playing the emulator, but I cannot figure out how to save.  I change the save state slot from "o" to "1" but when I elect save state, yellow text displays in the corner of the screen that says "0% saved state" or something similar and the percentage never increases or goes away until I shutdown mGBA.  Ive done some reading on here, but I can't find anyone having the same problem.  I am loading everything off the SD card, and assumed that I need to be saving there as well?  Also of note, in my rom folder all games appear twice when I go to load content , but only once in the file when I am looking at it on my computer.  If I select any game in "load content " the first time it appears it will not load, but if I scroll down to the duplicate file it will. thanks in advance for any help
There is no official port of mGBA to the Wii U. Are you using the RetroArch version? If so, that's a RetroArch support issue.

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