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RE: Official mGBA Ports - endrift - 11-27-2016

If you can send me the patch and the saves, but not the ROM, that might help.

RE: Official mGBA Ports - nplumb - 11-28-2016

(11-27-2016, 07:06 PM)endrift Wrote: If you can send me the patch and the saves, but not the ROM, that might help.

Patch thread

IPS Patch!Jo0mGAaJ!ahAT68k09JdzYaN7Gb1RYnrks1RqyBHai8WM-uyWWbM

Save State Attached. This is a from a save prompt after beating a castle. Previous nightlies this would 50/50 crash mGBA clicking yes, not seen any crashes since I updated it today (no idea on previous version sorry)

Note you can also save by hitting start on the world map and choosing to save and quit back to menu too.

RE: Official mGBA Ports - edu64 - 12-29-2016

First of all, thanks for the dedication for this emulator, it's great!
My question is ... is it possible to change the brightness / gamma in the Wii version?
Maybe modifying the file "config.ini"?
Thank you!

RE: Official mGBA Ports - endrift - 12-29-2016

Unfortunately, not at this time. I had meant to implement that at some point, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

RE: Official mGBA Ports - SuperrSonic - 12-29-2016

Slightly related, if your aim is to get close to the GB Player startup disc, try this:
main.c included, edit line 778 to make it darker. It is the same code for dimming when you bring up the menu, just enabled during play.

RE: Official mGBA Ports - edu64 - 12-29-2016

Thanks, I'll try with this file.

RE: Official mGBA Ports - Bomber Gamer - 01-05-2017

I have a doubt. Do I need do install cfw to install mgba.cia in my new 3ds? Or can I install it just like a legit cia?

RE: Official mGBA Ports - endrift - 01-05-2017

You need cfw.

RE: Official mGBA Ports - Maeson - 02-20-2017

Hi, I've updated to the last nightly (Wii) and I'd like to report that I'm having problems to boot games, any game (that was working propperly before) gives me a code dump and then it kicks me back to the Homebrew Channel. Both GBA and GB games won't boot at all.

I'll also like to point out that the Classic Controller (The normal one, if that's important) seems to have issues. Buttons A and B seem do nothing and X, and Y do the same action (Although this one may be intended) which is cancel/go up a folder. Because of this you can't select a game (or a folder) with a Classic Controller.

RE: Official mGBA Ports - endrift - 02-21-2017

All of the official ports seem to be crashing in the nightlies, but I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. I should get on that soon.

As for the classic controller, did you customize your controls at all? I don't know if the default controls are bad or what.