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Audio popping (buffer underruns?) on Windows - massrefuse - 12-15-2016

I am getting audio popping in Windows version of mGBA (0.5.1 / c4dbe0 - and nightly). I have tried disabling video sync, tried enabling audio sync, tried changing sample rate and latency, to no avail. Pretty much every combination of video renderer and setting that mGBA has in the settings...

It is very noticeable and quite annoying, and sounds just like buffer underruns that occur in audio software when too much is going on. Only difference is, I cannot eliminate the popping sounds no matter how high I put the latency. It's reduced but never eliminated.

I know some sound sync issues is to be expected to some extent, as it occurs in VBA-M as well (but much less noticeable), but in the libretro version of mGBA, the sound is pretty much flawless and never had the issue I am having with the windows version. But I also would like to use the standalone version as well.

PCs I tested on:
Win 7 desktop: Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40Ghz, 16GB RAM, Geforce GT 630
Win 10 laptop: Intel Core i5-4210 @ 1.70Ghz 8GB RAM, Geforce 840M