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[Wii] Can't load GBC games that use RTC after first save
The three Pokemon games that use RTC boot normally the first time, but if you exit and try to load them again, they crash the app. If you delete their save file and load them again, they boot just fine, so I'm guessing it's a problem with the save file. This doesn't happen with other GBC games that I tried.
Went back to 0.6.1 and the problem is not there, so I'll use that.
Was it 0.6.3 or a dev build you were using?

E] I've tracked down the bug. Looks like a compiler fuckup.
Ok, I've just fixed the bug, a build should be available soon.
Didn't seem to do the trick, still getting a code dump on 5120-7f41dd3.
Dang, I'll take a closer look this weekend then. Can you file a bug on the github issue tracker so I can keep track of it?
Latest commit did it. Thank you.
Thanks for catching it.

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