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Mods to the Forums? - daas - 12-10-2016

Any thought on that? I wouldn't mind removing spam for you when it shows up.

RE: Mods to the Forums? - ShadowOne333 - 12-16-2016

Same here, I'd be glad to help out to clean the forums from the plaguing spam that keeps bumping up daily.
It has started to grow up everyday, and it's starting to obscure a whole page from the forum on itself.

I visit here almost daily, so if there's some help needed to cleanse the forums, I'm all up for it.

RE: Mods to the Forums? - endrift - 12-16-2016

I've added ShadowOne333 as a moderator, as I've seen him be more active and report spam regularly. I'll consider adding more mods as needed.

RE: Mods to the Forums? - daas - 12-17-2016

Great to hear, good luck ShadowOne333!!

RE: Mods to the Forums? - endrift - 01-06-2017

I also added DarthHaro (which is probably obvious at this point) who has been doing a great job helping me clear up the spam. Thanks so much so far Big Grin

RE: Mods to the Forums? - ShadowOne333 - 01-10-2017

Thanks endrift!
I'll keep an eye out for spam and other unusual posts Smile

RE: Mods to the Forums? - MightyJo - 02-17-2017

If you need any more I am up for it as well. I visit the forum pretty frequently and always find spam that I could remove for you.

RE: Mods to the Forums? - ShadowOne333 - 02-17-2017

Now that the thread has been bumped, I wanted to ask @endrift
What are your thoughts on fully banning users which post spam threads?

I mostly Purge the spammer, but I'm not sure if banning them would be a better solution to completely keep them off the forums, or if the Purge option also bans them in some way.

I wanted to ask you first before attempting anything. Tongue

RE: Mods to the Forums? - endrift - 02-17-2017

Purge spammer used to IP ban accounts, but unfortunately it was't effective. The IP addresses they come in from are everywhere and I'd have to block all of India and DigitalOcean for bans to be effective. I think I'm ok with just deleting them.

RE: Mods to the Forums? - daas - 02-18-2017

I was thinking first post for a user has to be checked first. I know some other forums do this but I don't know if possible with MyBB.