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Can I play against myself in Multiplayer? - Bo99 - 06-20-2024

I'm playing a modded version of Yu Gi Oh: Reshef of Destruction, trying to duel myself to cheese the benefits. I load the rom, select open multiplayer window, and have 2 instances of the game running at the same time, Player 1 and Player 2.

Once I do this, the original instance loses access to all save states (although it does use the correct game save info). Also, the 2nd instance has no access to the save data from instance 1. My only option is to start a completely new game, so I figured "ok fine, I'll just play through the intro and then save". Problem is, now I'm scared to close out the programs because I don't know if I'll have to start a new "player 2" file and replay through the intro every time I want to do this.

Also I can't find where the save data for the game is, otherwise I might have tried to do something with the "pathing" settings. Tbh it seems like all the save data is just wizarded out of nowhere, because I can't find any kind of save data anywhere in my file explorer.

Is there a way to have player 2 load the same save file as player 1 and play against myself? What will happen if I close the program; will I have to make a new profile for player 2 every time because its the same game, and they can't both play off the same save profile? Should I make a 2nd copy of the ROM and alter its name to "Reshef 2nd profile", save that game after playing through the intro, and load it in the "player 2" multiplayer window that's generated from the original game's instance next time I try to do multiplayer? Bottom line, whats the best way to set things up so I can just quickly give my main character a throwaway player to easily beat and cheese goodies from the duels against myself? FIND OUT NEXT TIME, ON DRAGON BALL Z!

RE: Can I play against myself in Multiplayer? - endrift - 06-20-2024

Players 1 and 2 use different save files, as having two games trying to modify the same file usually leads to corruption. You can copy the .sav file to .sa2 to duplicate the player 1 save over player 2's slot