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unable to export .sav file - griggy13 - 06-17-2024

Hello all!

So long story short I'm trying to export a .sav file from mGBA. With other emulators I've used in the File tab there's always been an option to export a save file. When I save a state it makes a .ss1 file(1 being the save slot), which is not compatible with another program I need to use.

My goal is to be able to use PHKeX with the romhack Run&Bun using the mGBA emulator.

Any and all advice is much appreciated! Smile

RE: unable to export .sav file - endrift - 06-17-2024

PKHeX is able to open the .sav files that already exist alongside the ROM without needing to export it. Whether or not that works with a ROM hack is a crapshoot, however.