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Real GBA to Emulator link - BloodEagleExtremist - 03-27-2024

Wondering if anyone has tried to take the GBA link cable and connect it to a PC usb port, then take the packets sent from GBA--->into emulator-->multiplayer, and vice versa?

Was going to try for "random" software coding practice.
Where do I find source code??>>

If someone has tried this, where can I find documentation?
Ultimate goal is to make a tiny link cable board that connects to wifi and uses emulators as host software for multiplayer.
Something like the wireless link, but modern.

Also will mGBA run on a Pi board version of linux? was gonna use a tiny pi thats like half the size of a zero W.

RE: Real GBA to Emulator link - endrift - 03-27-2024

Sorry, it's not really possible. The link cable protocol is entirely synchronous, with latency measured in tens of microseconds. You'd need to implement at per-game level a higher-layer protocol that allows for asynchronous transfer. This is a lot of work, especially if you want to support more than a handful of games.