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"RAM watch" on a real running GBA (Pokémon Ruby) - Mario3646 - 11-28-2023

Hi, guys! I have a question, maybe one of you could be the one who will solve my problem 😉
Is it possible to retrieve or read data from the RAM of a GBA while it's still on (through a custom link cable or other hardware, for example, possibly cartswapping)? Example: I fled from a Pokémon, but I want to recover or read its 100-byte data still present in RAM (let's assume I have not initiated a new Pokémon battle nor turned off the system). In a few words, can I "RAM watch" my GBA (without turning it off or making a trade, that would wipe out the wild Pokémon data from memory) in the same way you can do it on mGBA? Let me know! A money prize will be awarded for the eventual problem solver 😎.
P.S.: Possible theoretical way to do it (

RE: "RAM watch" on a real running GBA (Pokémon Ruby) - endrift - 11-28-2023

Yeah, it's definitely possible, but it's volatile. That RAM might already be cleared by the time you return to the map, and with cart swapping there's a high chance that the system will reset.

Also that video is completely unrelated.

RE: "RAM watch" on a real running GBA (Pokémon Ruby) - Mario3646 - 11-28-2023

Thanks for the reply, endrift. Yes, I was aware of the fact that the video could be useless, but having very little knowledge of programming and computer science, I posted it for you experts anyway. I'll be honest, despite the fact you've implicitly said that the problem it's tricky to solve (data being very volatile), the fact you said it's possible it kinda relieves me. What could be the most reliable way to watch that RAM section, as far as we know?
P.S.: With ACE you could change the Pokémon party count to 7 and grab the Pokémon data as a Bad Egg, which would be very useful, but importing ACE in Ruby requires trading, as far as I know. Maybe not (theoretically speaking)?