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How Do I use the A/V Record Feature? - bluestar899 - 02-23-2023

Recently got this because a Pokemon hack I wanted to play hates VBA and it runs on mGBA fine. However I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use the recording feature on here and would appreciate a how to (google and the search function has not yielded adequate results) in order to make some gameplay videos.

Seeing as until now I've used VBA for recording purposes and I assumed mGBA's recording feature would be similar in that I could just open up Record A/V -> Choose the folder where I want the video file to be -> Give it a name -> Bam: easy video. That's definitely not what's happening though. I'm basically clicking buttons at this point trying to figure out how to get the recording to save as a video file but the best I've managed is to create a Data file. Other attempts give me a "Failed to output video file: [insert what folder my rom is in].

So yeah I'd appreciate any help trying to figure out how to make even a basic .avi file through mGBA possible please. Thank you.

RE: How Do I use the A/V Record Feature? - endrift - 02-24-2023

You need to give it an extension, based on the file time. Matroska/MKV gets a .mkv extension, MPEG-4 gets an .mp4 extension, etc. Your files are fine, Windows just doesn't know what they are, but things like VLC probably would recognize them fine.