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Issue with Save File Sizes - CumulusChoir - 02-16-2023


I've run into a bit of an issue with the save file sizes of the Hoenn Pokemon games (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald). Normally, these games have a save file size of 128.00 KB. However, after saving in these games while running mGBA, the file size increases to 128.02 KB. This may seem trivial, but it prevents the save file from being restored onto a physical copy of these games. I was wondering if anyone might know a possible solution.

I'm running mGBA version 0.10.1 on Wii, if it's relevant. Thanks in advance!

RE: Issue with Save File Sizes - endrift - 02-18-2023

There are 16 bytes tacked onto the end that store the state of the realtime clock. You can crop them off, but they're actually essential for restoring onto a physical copy and having the time in-game be right. Most flashing tools don't support this format, however, but notably FlashGBX does.