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New audio problem - Lightcatcher - 09-19-2019

Today I've downloaded 0.7.3 and noticed a specific audio problem that occurs in most of my GB Games:
Sound effects that should sound like explosions, deep dark hits or thunder are just barely hearable and extremly high pitched. 

Two extreme examples:
- The thunderstorm in the intro of "The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening"
- When a block hits the ground in "Tetris"

I noticed this in many other games too. It's not so extreme there, but the sounds are definitely "wrong" now.
Two more examples:
- Dying enemies in "Super Mario Land" (e.g. the explosion after jumping on turtles) 
- Every weapon sound and exploding enemy (after you hit them) in "Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan"

I tried to change the audio driver from SDL to Qt Multimedia, i changed the audio buffer size and the sample rate. Nothing fixed the problem.
And I can say that these problems doesn't occur in 0.7.0. 

Is there a fix for this?

RE: New audio problem - endrift - 09-19-2019

I've observed this but I didn't realize it was a bug at first. Can you post this on the Github issue tracker so I don't lose track of it?

RE: New audio problem - Lightcatcher - 09-19-2019

Thank you for the fast response! 

I've opened an issue on Github: Issue 1529