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Bugs in a Couple More Games - Lincon - 06-03-2019

Hello everyone,,
I've come across a couple of games with issues in mGBA.

The first is Penny Racers (E) AKA Gadget Racers (U) or Choro Q Advance (J)

This game runs fine but the main player car sprite is all glitched up. It's the same in all 3 versions.

The other game is Rampage Puzzle Attack.

The game loads fine but the sound is borked. Nothing but screeches and whines. In the RetroArch build there is no sound at all.

These bugs occur in the latest dev build, 0.6.1 and the RetroArch version.

I hope it's okay to post the bugs here - I didn't see a general bugs thread. But I am old and blind so might've missed it!

RE: Bugs in a Couple More Games - endrift - 06-04-2019

Bugs should generally be posted to GitHub or else I tend to lose track of them. I'll take a look at these soon.