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[Suggestion] Input recording on ports - DeepWeeb - 01-04-2019

So, mGBA is an amazing emulator, and the feature I value the most it's its amazing video recording feature.

I'm planning to do a documentary video about Pokémon and I have to play and record the whole thing. But thing is that I enjoy playing GBA games much more on my phone. So I was wondering, could the potential Android version (which I would love to know the current status of such) and other mGBA ports implement the feature of recording my inputs so I can play them back on my computer for later video recording?

And on the note, when trying to record my inputs with the "Record video log" option on PC, I don't see any option in the emulator to play it back, and when loaded as a ROM, it plays with no sound. Any fix for this?

Currently using the mGBA 0.7 b1 version, eagerly waiting for ver 0.8!  Big Grin

P.S.: ver 0.7 b1's FPS counter displays framerates above 60 (65.4 to be exact), when the target is 60fps and still plays at that framerate.

RE: [Suggestion] Input recording on ports - endrift - 01-05-2019

The FPS counter bug was fixed after that release. Video logs are video only--it's not an input log, it just records the output video and is mostly for automated testing purposes.

Input recording will come at some point, but it's not planned for a while.