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mGBA Library - roracle - 12-12-2018

Hello, and a greeting to start! This is my first post here, my name is...not important but you can call me "roracle". Smile
I'm glad to be here and hope I can get some help on my issue.

Okay, so I started doing emulation again and decided to give this a whirl. Here's the problem I'm facing though:

When I go to load a ROM, it doesn't save the location I was last using (/home/roracle/Emulation/GBA/roms/).
So I set up the library directory, and nothing was shown on the screen.
I had to select "Show when no game open" option, so the list showed up finally.
However, when I double click a title, it just sits there like a bump on a log.
Expected behavior: double click a title in the list view and start the game.

I'm using Ubuntu 18.10 (Budgie Desktop, basically a custom Gnome3)

Any help with this would be appreciated!  Thank you!

RE: mGBA Library - endrift - 12-12-2018

If you could report this bug on GitHub it'd be the easiest way to help me remember to fix it.