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Thank you for 0.7 beta 1 - Lightcatcher - 10-31-2018

Dear endrift,

almost two years ago I discovered this site and mGBA. At that time I wrote this post:
Sound Quality & Palette Customizing
Since then I used mGBA more than any other emulator and updated to every new version of it. I may be a quite follower (never wrote another post) but I visited this site very often. 
mGBA is still my favourite for GB, GBC and GBA games! 

Yesterday I installed the 0.7 beta 1 version and was soooo impressed and really happy. Because finally mGBA has all the improvements I adressed in my post back in Februar 2017.
The sound is now absolutely clear for me in 0.7. I love it!
But my favourite improvement is the new color function for backgrounds and sprites.
And it is not just like I wished for it... it is even better!  Heart
VBA just had the option to customize the background color and all sprites. And until now I thought this is the best of what is possible in a Gameboy emulator. 
It blew me away that mGBA 0.7 has two palettes for sprites! o_O I tried it with a few games and it looks awesome. In Zelda: Link's Awakening e.g. the second sprite palette is for all liftable items and some special effects. Thank you so much for this!  Smile

Thank you for bringing the features I wished for in the new version. And thank you for all the time and effort you put in this project. I really appreciate it!