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Support for VitaGL? (Vita) - liznaith - 05-31-2018

Let's admit it: Vita users, such as I and many others, would greatly appreciate mGBA to utilize VitaGL.  The emulator in its current state on the Vita is overshadowed by Retroarch's option to use VBAnext, and neither as of yet can allow most games to run at a constant 60fps or above.  VitaGL is an openGL wrapper for the Vita and it's open source.  VitaGL has allowed it's quake port by Rinnegatamante to achieve 60fps on the Vita's native resolution.

Would VitaGL ever come to mGBA on the Vita?  pls?

RE: Support for VitaGL? (Vita) - endrift - 05-31-2018

I don't understand the attraction. It already uses the GPU to draw.