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Usage Statistics/Crash Reporting? - daas - 09-14-2016

Would adding usage statistics and crash reporting be helpful to an emulator like mGBA?
I see Dolphin Emu planning on this. Also would releasing builds with an AddressSanitizer help you find bugs?

RE: Usage Statistics/Crash Reporting? - endrift - 09-15-2016

I'm not sure usage statistics would be helpful to me. A crash reporter might be nice, but I don't ship any sort of symbols, so I have little to no idea where the crashes actually occur based on the crash dump.

As for ASan, I've found one or two things with it, and it might be helpful in the future, but on a more limited scope. I don't want to confuse users with too many builds, and I don't have the infrastructure to build many more configurations than I do already. (This is the point behind $500/mo goal on the Patreon; I can use that money to create an EC2 setup for more distributed building.)