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No audio on New 3DS - geheim - 08-18-2016


I've got a problem with mGBA: I do not get any audio on mGBA on my New 3DS.

I'm talking about the cia version, 3dsx works, but cia is much more comfortable and I know other users do get audio from the cia version.
So what could the problem be??

I'm on 11.0 A9LH, other homebrew like retroarch works perfectly fine.

Thanks for your help in advance! 

RE: No audio on New 3DS - endrift - 08-19-2016

I'm aware of this issue--it happens SOMETIMES on my 3DS, but not always. I haven't had time to look into it yet, but try starting a game and then exiting before loading mGBA to see if it fixes it.

RE: No audio on New 3DS - geheim - 08-19-2016

I tried starting a game before starting mGBA, but unfortunately I still do not get any sound... It happens always for me, I tried it like 20 times and not once did I get any audio output.

It's a pity because mGBA runs so well with many games (much better than mGBA on retroArch), but without Sound it's quite useless for me.

Anyway thanks for your hard work and if you'll find some time to look at the issue eventually I'd appreciate it a lot Smile

RE: No audio on New 3DS - geheim - 09-21-2016

The new version 0.5.0 still doesn't have working sound on New3DS Sad Hope you can fix that soon!
Anyway, thanks for your work!

RE: No audio on New 3DS - endrift - 09-21-2016

Have you made sure to dump the DSP binary using DspDump?

RE: No audio on New 3DS - geheim - 09-22-2016

Yes I've dumped the dsp binary! I'm using it with RetroArch and it works perfectly (even with RetroArch mGBA, which is not as good as the standalone unfortunately).
Do I have to copy the dsp to a different location for mGBA??

RE: No audio on New 3DS - endrift - 09-22-2016

No, that shouldn't be necessary. I'm probably just forgetting to initialize something somewhere.

RE: No audio on New 3DS - fester - 09-23-2016

For what it's worth, I'm experience the same problem with the same setup.

RE: No audio on New 3DS - geheim - 09-25-2016

Good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem!
Hope you can find the error eventually endrift Smile

RE: No audio on New 3DS - geheim - 01-21-2017

Just wanted to Report that I still can't get any Audio on my N3DS with the latest 0.5.2 release... I'm on the latest Luma CFW with emuNAND 11.2
Please don't Forget about this Problem Wink I'd like to use mGBA for so many games which run better than on Retroarch with it, but can't due to no Audio.

Thanks anyway for your work!!