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emulator crash - Magnulux - 07-14-2016

every time i try to load a game ROM the emu crash.
i had a similar problem with the VBA emu but i manged to fix that with changing the save type to flash 128k.
is there a way to do a similer thing in the mGBA emu ?
cuz i tried to change save type in the game overdrive menu but it wont let me save my changes.

RE: emulator crash - endrift - 07-14-2016

If the emulator is crashing, you've got a bigger issue. Which version of the emulator are you running, and on which OS?

RE: emulator crash - Magnulux - 07-15-2016

tried both 0.4 and 0.4.1
and ive got windows 8.1

RE: emulator crash - endrift - 07-15-2016

Does this happen with every game, or is it one specific ROM that's causing the issue? If so, which ROM/game is causing it?

RE: emulator crash - Magnulux - 07-15-2016

with every rom i tried 2 diffrent pokemon games

RE: emulator crash - endrift - 07-15-2016

Please tell me the names of the ROMs as well as the checksums (CRC32, MD5, SHA-1 or SHA-256 are fine. I don't need all of these, but as many as whatever tool you use spits out is good).

RE: emulator crash - Magnulux - 07-16-2016

Pokemon - Emerald Version (U) -
MD5 Checksum: 605B89B67018ABCEA91E693A4DD25BE3
SHA-1 Checksum: F3AE088181BF583E55DAF962A92BB46F4F1D07B7
SHA-256 Checksum: A9DEC84DFE7F62AB2220BAFAEF7479DA0929D066ECE16A6885F6226DB19085AF
SHA-512 Checksum: DF06013EC9B09400BF233E110EE55B328FE8E39D28DBE9A671910397C99766E192ED38BFBD3D82FD7D9306B4F848F4265A86AF1C073AF0BB80B7F32BC0EFAE8E

1695 - Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Independent) -
MD5 Checksum: 51901A6E40661B3914AA333C802E24E8
SHA-1 Checksum: DD5945DB9B930750CB39D00C84DA8571FEEBF417
SHA-256 Checksum: 729041B940AFE031302D630FDBE57C0C145F3F7B6D9B8ECA5E98678D0CA4D059
SHA-512 Checksum: F179163EBB7611FACA5DDE27CC1C4DBA354B597BF2F780328894A47F8C7D87DEE5B7B522F3B7E5F3871CF4EC4908E427A93BEC064FDA96EC0E1F26B0C8ADF57B

Pokemon - Leaf Green Version (U) (V1.1) -
MD5 Checksum: 9D33A02159E018D09073E700E1FD10FD
SHA-1 Checksum: 7862C67BDECBE21D1D69CE082CE34327E1C6ED5E
SHA-256 Checksum: 2F978F635B9593F6CA26EC42481C53A6B39F6CDDD894AD5C062C1419FAC58825
SHA-512 Checksum: B8FF37D7B8E30337286FF8DF03604C5B088F94A8E0B0FF253C6A93F32BEA567A27D0ADE6313F996DA904C0616EB712EA5DF72EC1139E5A2BEE300CA78D3B7FB6

RE: emulator crash - endrift - 07-17-2016

Hmm, weird. Those look right. Have you tried changing the Display Driver setting to be Software (Qt) instead of OpenGL?

RE: emulator crash - Magnulux - 07-17-2016

yup, didnt work

RE: emulator crash - Magnulux - 07-20-2016

dont have any more ideas ? i would realy like to play with this emu