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mGBA 3ds: no emulator settings? - thedicemaster - 02-04-2016

I'm having some issues with some default settings with mgba, but these seem unchangeable:

the rom picker default recently got changed to "show all", but this creates a huge mess with all the other files.
I'd rather change it back to the old default: "show only supported files"

and I'd like to remap the in-game start/select buttons to X/Y, but while this should be possible with the game-settings it doesn't work because X/Y behavior is mapped to "game settings".

so is there any way to change these settings(show all/supported, and remap emulator buttons) on the 3ds version?

RE: mGBA 3ds: no emulator settings? - endrift - 02-04-2016

The former got removed because it broke when zip file support got added and I haven't found a way to fix it yet.

The latter is a forthcoming feature that got delayed.